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Our Facility

Our facility is one of the biggest things that separates us from our competition.

McWhirter Steel is situated on 10 acres in Lancaster, CA. The shop's efficient opperation is made possible because of it's key features:

Effecient Flow and Shop Layout
Fully automated Layout Machine
Fully automated Drill and Saw
Fully automated Coping and Torching Machine
Fully automated Plate Processing
Welding and Fabrication
Sand Blasting

McWhirter Steel uses lean principles like 5S and continuous improvement that frankly are not seen enough in the steel fabrication industry.

The company’s continuous improvement system brings improvements to the shop in the form of state-of-the art equipment, waste reducing flow’s and much more. This system ensures the company’s quality, effectiveness and efficiency is constantly getting better. Improvements come from all places in the organization and all employees are encouraged to express their process improvement ideas. It provides a better service for clients and a more motivating work environment for employee’s.