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CNC Machine Operator

Title: CNC Machine Operator Employment Status: Full time
Rank: N/A Salary: Negotiable
Reports to: Production Manager, Shop Foreman Supervises: N/A
Location: Lancaster, California Status: Non-Exempt

Job Summary:

McWhirter Steel currently has 1 Hyd-Mech Band saw, 1 CNC Ficep drill-line, and an OCEAN Coping Machine. The company has purchased and will be switching to a full Peddinghaus Beam Line including a Peddiwriter, Drill-Saw combo and a CNC coping machine. Operator’s should be able to operate, troubleshoot and maintain these machines. This position has a lot of opportunity for growth as the company will be looking for a new beam line lead within the coming years.

Major Duties:

  • Operating CNC Machine’s
  • Performing maintenance on all Machines
  • Following operating and maintenance procedures
  • Learning how to program in some instances
  • Helping to troubleshoot machines and minimize downtime


To be hired as a CNC Machine Operator, prospects:

  • Should have prior experience with CNC Equipment Operating
  • Should have knowledge of how to perform maintenance on CNC Machines
  • Should have a general understanding of the mechanics of CNC equipment
  • Must have strong attention to detail
  • Must be a fast-learner
  • Must have basic to intermediate computer skills
  • Should be knowledgeable of steel’s different shapes, sizes and grades

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